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Does kindness pay? Would investing in Social Housing have reduced the COVID-19 impact?

Last few months have seen our large Indian cities unable to control the COVID 19 pandemic despite lock downs and... View Article

Architecture is in the details

Famous saying by “Mies Van Der Rohe” father of modern architecture. One would assume from the austerity and simplicity of... View Article

Learning From the Rwanda Project

As an Architect there are some key takeaways from the previous post on the Rwandan School project. IN PLANNING Alignment... View Article

Gorgeous School on a low Budget

This school in Rwanda designed by Boston based Non Profit Architecture firm (Do these kind exist….feels like Angel land) MASS... View Article

Brilliant Green Building by Jean Nouvel

This new creation of Jean Nouvel packs in innovation, sustainability and timelessness at an economy budget so brilliantly in one... View Article

Circa 2012

Experimenting on modernist forms with reclaimed wood, glass and concrete. Sustainable Green architecture being the prime objective.

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